Belt Conveyors

Modtech designs, manufactures, supplies, erects and commissions various Flat and Troughed Belt Conveyors for handling Bulk Materials like Coal, Cement, Iron Ore, Clinker, Lime stone, Fertilizers etc.

Modtech's proficiency in Design and Engineering enables optimization of drive unit, speed and selection of grade & width of belt; hence designed system is the most economical conveying system client can get

Modtech has Design and Manufacturing capacity to take care of wide range of conveying, Modtech conveyors can handle hostile terrains and tough operating conditions.

Modtech has unparalleled design capability, can design any type of conveyor.

The thorough Design Process ensures reliability, performance and extended life of the Conveyor.

The Pulleys, idlers and structures are manufactured in-house. The quality standards are never compromised.